Rate My Plate

Rate My Plate the “Facebook sensation” released in 2019. The page in which you can enjoy food with hidden faces, rate the culinary delights of others or laugh at fails such as a pink “rabbit” shaped blancmange (a family members contribution, if only we still had the picture..).

This is not a great game. To be honest, as a game it is absolutely terrible. As a bit of fun reminiscing about playdough, its a winner!

The aim of the game is to recreate plates of food from dough, worthy of receiving a high score (out of 10) from the other players. You may use the knife, fork and spoon as shaping implements. But, There is a twist… Some cards you have to wear a blind fold whilst recreating the dish! All of this excitement is crammed into a tense 3 minutes each time. Three minutes in which the other players have absolutely nothing to do.

We definitely had a great laugh with this game…well… if that’s what you can call it. We honestly think it would have been better positioned as a children’s playdough set with some suggestions on food to recreate.

If you want a fun game to play with a young child (you would have to ignore some of the obscure cards), this really fits the bill. If you are looking for a party game to play as a group of adults then there really are many other options out there which are much better.

How would we rate the “Rate My Plate” game? 4 / 10 – we would give it a much higher mark if there was a better selection of dough colours, or if it was half the price!

Rate my plate is not available at Badgers Games, there are many other games we can recommend over this. But if you really must have this game shop around and get it at a discount and you might find a few laughs out of it.

Tim & Zara – The Badgers

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