Gnoming A Round by Grandpa Beck’s

Gnoming A Round is a mini golfing game based around gnomes (cute!) whereby you complete sets of cards to earn as few points as possible.

The basics of the game are that you start with 9 cards and you place them face down in a 3 x 3 grid (no peeking!). Players take it in turns to choose which cards to flip or swap to achieve “runs” or “sets” of 3 cards. These then become negative numbers to help lower your score.

A recipe card is included in the box if you wanted to live out your Hansel and Gretel fairy tale. I however can just imagine little gnomes using their golf clubs as walking sticks to climb the sugary mountain.

So what do the Badgers think?

We enjoyed this game, it’s quick to set up with a great theme…

The rules are laid out in varying difficulty levels which makes it great to play with children. The game states that it is 3-7 players (which we didn’t realise until after we had played) but it did play fairly well as a 2 player game. ‘Gnoming A Round’ is the first Grandpa Beck’s game we have played and owned. As far as the quality goes it is great! The cards feel nice to hold, the box is strong and the insert is actually fit for purpose! The attention to detail is impressive with even the insert being beautifully decorated. We will definitely be adding other titles from Grandpa Beck’s to our collection!

Tim & Zara – The Badgers

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