Announcing: Fantasy Adventure Realm of Chaotic Endeavouur!

Badgers Games is proud to announce our latest project, and our first self-published game, coming to the crowd funding/inciting site PUNCHFOUNDER soon!

After conducting thousands of hours of market research, hundreds of hours of reading Facebook comments, and roughly seven minutes of eavesdropping on a guy buying “Frustration” in Argos, we have produced the definitive tabletop game. We’ve listened to the gaming community, and we’ve added every single requested feature YOU asked for! And MORE!

It has a board! It has tile placement on top of the board for those that don’t like using a board! It has ABSOLUTELY NO ROLL & MOVE mechanic! Except it does! With a custom made D10! A D10 in a “Pop-O-Matic” so we can claim it’s family friendly!

It has meeples for those that don’t like miniatures! It has miniatures for those that don’t like meeples! It has standees! It has 3D slot together buildings that we can’t quite work out a purpose for! But wait! It’s also a roll and write! Roll a die and draw on the drawbridge!

Will the dragon use her fire breath to evaporate the lake and saving the drowning meeple? We don’t know! The scenario makes little sense and It’s not explained in the rule book at all! Open ended gameplay!

We asked the biggest train related board game enthusiasts group on Facebook what THEY thought most crowd funded games were missing – and the answer was clear. Trains. So in this epic fantasy adventure, you will balance saving the kingdom from the threat of poorly painted miniatures with keeping the 12.24 to King’s Cross station running on time!


If we can just get to 2000% funding, we’d like to add an actual rule book to the game. Right now our prototypes have used spare copies of the rule sheet from old copies of Mouse Trap.

Reaching 4000% funding unlocks our stretch goal of delivery. Currently we don’t really plan on delivering anything to anyone, it’s quite a lot of effort, and quite frankly you’ve got enough other projects you really don’t need this game.
If we fund to 4000%, we’re ok, we can just dropship you a better game with a sticker with this games logo on! Easy.


Is there a solo mode?
Yes! That’s likely to be the main mode, as you’re unlikely to find anyone to play this with. Honestly most of our playtesters were pets.

Why is Endeavour spelt with two Us?
One of our favourite games, Endeavor doesn’t have any! So we’re making up for it with our game

Is there a retailer pledge level?
Yes! If you buy just 10,000 copies, you will get 5 percent discount on the retail price!

This games looks rubbish
That’s not a question.

I’m not feeling nostalgic. I like backing things that remind me of a time before I could buy superfluous items as easily. Can you add some nostalgia?
Yes! Look, we’re adding Pac-Men!

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