The End Of An Era…

It’s bittersweet to announce that we are closing Badgers Games! This journey started 5 years ago, after many frustrating experiences buying board games online

These experiences included:

1) Purchasing games and finding they were fake when they arrived.
2) Games missed from orders and having to chase refunds.
3) Games that simply weren’t available to purchase anywhere in the UK.
4) Argumentative customer service!

We thought we could do better! Well, actually, we thought we could start a company, buy the games we wanted directly from the suppliers, and avoid all of these issues. Between us we had all the skills we needed to build a functioning website and if anyone actually bought from us that would be a nice bonus!

So, we made a test site, populated with ‘demo products’ from our personal collection, and started researching suppliers. Then someone bought one of the ‘demo products’ – before we’d listed on any search engine, advertised, or ordered any stock, someone bought a 1970s Chess Set from our half finished website. That’s when we realised it was worth taking more seriously, and we did, setting ourselves a set of financial goals and certain principles to adhere to.

Between then and now, we have continually expanded, reinvested every penny made back into the business, enjoyed many wonderful events, met many more wonderful people, packed thousands of orders, appeared in a national newspaper, amassed what could be the largest board game collection in the UK, and developed a love hate relationship with cardboard boxes.

Recently however, we found ourselves at a cross roads, having achieved our goals, we realised we would either need to relocate, expand and set new goals, continue as we were knowing we were constrained by space and time, or end on a high and use it as an opportunity to try something new.

We have chosen the latter. We hope we’ve had a positive impact, and that we are right to feel a certain pride in our tiny legacy, we are certainly going to miss our customers, our pop-up-events (still Norwich Games Convention to go!) and the warmth and satisfaction packing an order knowing the potential each game has to provide quality time and bring people together!

We are looking forward to our next venture, sadly we can’t share too much at this stage, except that our carefully crafted business plan has been based around one particular and exciting concept; fewer cardboard boxes!

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