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The End Of An Era…

It’s bittersweet to announce that we are closing Badgers Games! This journey started 5 years ago, after many frustrating experiences buying board games online These experiences included: 1) Purchasing games and finding they were fake when they arrived.2) Games missed from orders and having to chase refunds.3) Games that simply weren’t available to purchase anywhere […]

Announcing: Fantasy Adventure Realm of Chaotic Endeavouur!

Badgers Games is proud to announce our latest project, and our first self-published game, coming to the crowd funding/inciting site PUNCHFOUNDER soon! After conducting thousands of hours of market research, hundreds of hours of reading Facebook comments, and roughly seven minutes of eavesdropping on a guy buying “Frustration” in Argos, we have produced the definitive […]

Tyrannosaurus Rex – The Classic Dinosaur Board Game

We’re feeling very Christmassy here, with classic Christmas tunes playing, twinkling lights on the tree, so we thought what better… than to play a dinosaur themed board game! (Spare a thought for Dinosaurs, they missed out on Christmas) It’s a game for 2 to 4 players, aged 6 and up. Which is ideal, because there […]


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