Tyrannosaurus Rex – The Classic Dinosaur Board Game

We’re feeling very Christmassy here, with classic Christmas tunes playing, twinkling lights on the tree, so we thought what better… than to play a dinosaur themed board game! (Spare a thought for Dinosaurs, they missed out on Christmas)

It’s a game for 2 to 4 players, aged 6 and up. Which is ideal, because there are approximately 2 of us, and we are both ‘and up’.

With 16 plastic dinosaurs, in four colours plus 1 black T-Rex, we expected an overly simple Ludo style game, but I think I can speak for both of us (and I will because I’m doing the typing) when I say it was actually rather fun.

Our game, half way through. Who won? It’s not important. Though, as it happens, Tim won. Zara came second. Also known as “last”. Making her the “loser”.

It’s simple enough to introduce children to board games beyond Snakes & Ladders, with mechanics to keep it interesting for us adults. There’s attacking other players to keep Zara happy, and details on each different dinosaur in the instructions to satisfy Tim’s lust for trivia, while adults can play other type of games like Casino games from the katsubet site online.

Trivia: Megalosaurus’ once lived in the UK. There you go. That semi-detached house opposite you may have once been the home of a 30 foot long carnivore.

So, all in all, a good game to play with children. Or us.

It’s not one we have for sale – but it’s still in print and available from Paul Lamond Games (we are unaffiliated)

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